Great use of different shades of brown

Great use of different shades of brown

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A living room with light brown color creates one unique challenge for design because over matching brown textiles, accessories and furniture gives a room one dark and muddy look. You should integrate dark shade of brown with lighter ones for brightening up your space. Depending on shades of brown, which predominate a living room, different other colors can create a rustic, Moroccan, Japanese, Indian, and French, Indonesian or eco-design like decorating scheme.

This light brown living room is giving a feel of old civilization architectures. Best example here one can give is by looking at space for putting books or other items into it. There is no special cupboard for these. It looks like someone has carved a space into wall. Second best example here is stairway to higher level of this room. One major focal point in this room is a pillar. A plant in this room is giving it a lively feel. In spite of all these features it still manages to portray a contemporary look.

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