Light brown living room

Light brown living room

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Our living room is the first place we invite our guests in. Therefore it is very important that we keep it up to date. The above room is an example of modern interior designs. The complete room is painted in white color and the furniture and carpet goes with the color of the wooden wall. Although the room is not that big but because of the white interior it looks bigger.

In addition, there is a glass wall that is brightening up the place and also making it look bigger. The furniture is of contemporary design and is of the same wooden color as of the wooden wall. The sleek carpet is very different and fresh in design as well as its color. The wooden wall that contains the LCD screen television has many sections and looks very modern and stylish. The room looks very modern and stylish with an elegant touch of white.

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    Lignt Brown living room as looking for every time is good & not boring

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