The black and white beauty

The black and white beauty

Aug 30 • Living Room Designs • 3525 Views • 1 Comment on The black and white beauty

The black feel adds the extra dark look to the living room. As the furry carpet signifies the classy feel. The accessories put the complete and marvelous look to the interior of the room. As far as the center table is concerned it is quite spacious and has the comfortable look, this adds to the complete look in the living area.

The different feel of this living room is the presence of the black color as far as the accessories are concerned. The painting also has the same color matching white and black beauty. In the exterior, the furnishing and the finishing has the fine model as well.

The clean look comes just because of the presence of the white back wall and the dark black colored textured accessories. The fabric of the sofa also has the classy and shiny texture which adds a decent look to the model of the room.

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