Chandelier lit Living Room

Chandelier lit Living Room

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The sophisticated living room in picture is modern, cosy and yet traditional. The presence of a delicate, elegant, chic chandelier, white in colour, gives rise to an ethnic look to the contemporary design. The curved arms and the hand crystal balls add a fresh touch to the interiors. Candle stands give rise to sophisticated mannerisms. The indoor plant placed in beautiful pots not only absorb the stale indoor air but also give this design an elegant look. The sofa set is minimalist, modular and intimate. Sleek sideboards give a modern look to the design.

The sofa and the carpet are in synchronization with each other giving rise to a blend of basic amenities and stylish outlook. A vase of yellow coloured flowers with long green stalks enhance the beauty of the room. The white glossy floor is in contrast with the dark surroundings. The glass-topped centre table has an ash tray and a book.

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