No-Banister Stair Design

No-Banister Stair Design

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Pillars control the design of the staircase. This stair design doesn’t require any banisters ensuring that people using this mode of climbing the stairs are young at heart. The grip of the steps however ensures that the tiles used are robust and not pretty or slippery. The design of the stairs provides an aesthetic architectural look to the place – no skits, no railings, just steps that reach your destination.

Convenient, doesn’t take too long to fit in with the ambience and design of the home or office. Essential for a quick fix in case of a renovation to fit the turn-around time and looks elegant yet blends in with cheekiness. From a youth perspective the stair design showcases a brazen way of grabbing a cup of tea or the books taking note of the developments at home doing their work. The stair design is fixed more or less in the center of the room with the basic color complementing the layout.

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