A mixture of Opinions

A mixture of Opinions

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The art showcased in the picture would give a person mixed opinions as to what the dominant feature or object of the picture is. It gives mixed opinions about the objects that have been depicted in the art. This picture is definitely beautiful and anyone who looks at it would definitely agree because no individual who looks at the picture for the first time will stop there.

He would undoubtedly take a second and third look at the picture and possibly a fourth. This is a fact everyone who looks at this pic would agree to. But, what is confusing is which object forms the most important part of the picture. Could it be the curtains, or the grilled holder, or the chair? A third look at the picture would possibly make anyone understand. The chair looks ecstatic and magnificent. The shape of the upper portion of the chair is simply terrific. The color of the chair is in a league of its own. All the more, the silver colored legs serve as the perfect combination to the milky white body. The metallic blackish grilled holder only amplifies the beauty of the art.

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