Window plantation: way to refresh your mood

Window plantation: way to refresh your mood

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A window plantation, also known as indoor plantation, is a good option of living with nature for the people who don’t have an access to the lawns and big gardens. With more and more people opting to live in apartments, finding a place for your plants and sapling is a difficult task. Given a thought is not that tough as well. Utilize your window for placing a small plantation there, whether it is a small traditional window or a large French window.

Vegetation provides freshness and serenity to the house and its presence soothes the mind. You can use a small up shaped pot for the purpose, as it is not much space consuming and looks quite cool. Today a lot of bonsai plants are available in the market which serves both the purpose of decoration and freshness. Also you can use the technique of topiary for giving your vegetation, a desired shape, to gel with your room.

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