Bamboo House Interior Design

Bamboo House Interior Design

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The flooring in this bamboo element house interior design is wooden adding the cozy feel to the entire ensemble-structure-design-home-interior work. The look has a romantic theatric feel to it with the warm lighting and the rest of the razzmatazz. The sofa sets are wooden and easy to slouch in with occasional throw cushions of various colors. An antique cupboard graces the look in this house interior design.

The lights ensconced in a wooden holder add to the charm in this piece. The dining supports four cushioned chairs with a teak dining table. In the center of the room we have a floor lamp that adds to the theme of this cozy theme. The walled staircase firmly placed sports a wooden banister. The general color of walls is a teal. Bamboos evident in the entire structure of the house interior design add the unexpected element along with the good fortune belief of feng-shui.

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