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One room to rule them all: Lad pad accessories for the discerning legend

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There are some lists that will suggest a reclining chair and some new speakers to upgrade a bachelor pad. This is not that list. Read on if you want your man-pit to be Legendary/10. Price is no object. People will see this room and know that you truly are a king amongst men. ‘Top fridge, m’lord.’

Game of Thrones Replica Iron Throne

What is a king without his throne? For a piddling £20,000 you can pick up a full-sized fibreglass replica of the Iron Throne from HBO’s TV series, Game of Thrones. At over 2m high, your subjects will kneel before you and never dare question that it your turn next on FIFA. Place this at the head of the room and, if it’s a studio flat, consider removing the bed and putting it there. Kings don’t sleep.

Game of Thrones Replica Iron Throne

Replica Iron Throne: Firebox

Blizzard BAR3SS Bottle Cooler

You’ve already thought of a mini-bar, it’s compulsory, but we don’t like the word ‘mini’. The Blizzard BAR3SS holds over 300 bottles of your favourite juice, ensuring your domain as the top venue for after parties. You may want to hire some bar staff to stock it up though.

G-1 Glass Pool Table

This is a belter of a design for a lad pad classic. Nottage Design will take a five-figure sum for the toughened glass table which apparently ‘replicates the rolling resistance of an average speed cloth.’ This won’t wear & tear like fabric, either, so it’s in for the long run. Still, I wouldn’t leave your pint on the side.

$1,000,000 Suction

All this stuff means bigger parties, and bigger parties mean more mess. Add some extravagance to your clean-up with The GoVacuum GV62711. Plated with 24k gold, even your dust will get 1st class treatment, so it’s an expenditure that’s hard not to justify. Get it soon while it’s on sale for $999,999,00. Bargain.

GoVacuum GV62711

These are the staple items for your new quarters and we’ll update soon with more gadgets. If you ordered these as you were going through, there are a couple more things you might want to search for:

Virtual reality gaming – We’re in the future, right now. Console gaming is better than ever, but VR headsets are currently in production and about to take things to the next level. Have a search around to see what’s being developed.

Handy tip: You just bought a lot of glass and a throne made of swords. Watch where you run while using it.

Pet Penthouse – If Mr Scruffles isn’t going anywhere without you, consider a pet mansion to add to your own. There are designers out there that will make whatever you ask for. Give him two floors and a platinum slide. And a maid to cook him steak. Love you, Mr Scruffles.

If you managed to fit that all in, job done. Now, sit back and be worshipped. Your lad pad is complete.

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