A rapturous white finish

A rapturous white finish

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This piece of art is just too beautiful. Just one look would give some sort of a heavenly feeling. This kind of set-up is any man’s dream. The picture signifies the level of brilliance white can give to the interiors of the house. Everything in the art is white in color. Starting off with the chair, its body and the legs are pure milky white. The table has a fascinating shape and there can be absolutely no comments on the beauty of the color used.

The picture also has another table which is smaller in length and breadth, also in glorifying white. It is the telephone table, and more interestingly, the telephone is also white in color. This kind of white finish would definitely reflect on the owner’s state of mind, possibly signifying the highest form of purity. Everything on the table is also white in color. The rug on the floor is in a radiating white color as well. This picture is beauty amplified to its highest extent. The symmetry of the color is simply hard to describe in words.

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