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A Shed for Every Occasion, Purpose and Person

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Homeowners fortunate enough to have a garden always take their sheds for granted, filling them with all of their garden furniture, equipment and tools and making it virtually impossible to actually use the shed for any kind of purpose; such as repairs, maintenance and general outdoor working. While making these sheds you need to wear safety clothes like hard hat, gloves and safety shoes to work in secure environment.

Just because something is designed to provide a storage solution doesn’t mean that you need to fill it to the brim with everything you own that could be used outside, yet this is what so many of us actually do. When it comes to spring cleaning, a lot of us dread going out to the shed because we just don’t know where to start having thrown everything in there at the end of the Summer to keep it away from the harmful Winter weather.

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To get around this problem, and provided you have the space and disposable income to do so, it can be highly beneficial to the home and all of your garden possessions to invest in more than one shed or form of outdoor storage to keep your belongings in so that you have a fully usable shed and not just a dumping ground. Online retailers like shedsfirst.co.uk offer all kinds of outdoor storage from the traditional styles we’ve all come to know and love, to the more modern versions that utilize different materials and can be used for a variety of purposes meaning that there truly are sheds for all purposes and occasions.

warwick overlap apex shed

One such example is a purpose built bike shed. The typical four-member family will own four bikes and when you consider that there is only one shed in the garden it’s easy to guess where they’re all stored. Not only do bikes take up a lot of space when grouped together, it can be hard work getting to the one you need if you’re looking to go out for a ride on your own.

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Workshops are another prime example. While many use their sheds for storage and nothing more, others look to utilize the space for repairing or maintaining their possessions, even their cars and motorcycles. A lot of people choose not to do their dirty work in the house as it makes a mess of the home, but when it starts to rain or get cold outside you need to find somewhere to work and if your shed is filled with bikes, tins of paint, lawnmowers and furniture it’s impossible to find the space to work safely. Dedicated wooden or metal workshops are available so that you always have that bit of space to get your hands dirty and to make your essential repairs.

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There is also the decision to make over the material of your shed. Wooden models are the traditional style that you see in the majority of gardens and allotments which are relatively inexpensive to buy and do exactly what they say on the tin. Then you have the metallic models which are more expensive but come with the extra security and longevity that wood just can’t offer. This means that owners have the choice to make over tradition and price against security and life span. Everyone is different and has their own preferences and some styles just won’t look right in their gardens – there truly is a shed for everyone.

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