A gratifying set-up

A gratifying set-up

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Anyone who takes a look at this piece of art would definitely want to have this kind of a combination of that of a chair and a table with drawers as part of the place they dwell in. The art is an enchanting combination and really brings out the beauty and also reflects the message of how effulgent a set-up with just two objects can look.

The floor has a unique texture and integrates peerlessly with the walls. The table has a glorious milky white vase with a single branched plant that extends up to about thirty inches vertically in the air. The table also has a beautiful glass bowl that adds to the overall beauty of the table. The most defining aspect of the table is its color. The marvelous wooden color gives it an unreal sense of charm when looked at. The radiating purple colored cushions on the chair are just wonderful. On the whole, the art is a splendid combination of the two objects and even more stunning in the art is the combination of colors. Marvelous!

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