A Utopian glass

A Utopian glass

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People love to use different types of glasses to have their drink. As such, almost every drink is correspondingly associated with a particular type of glass. For example, a wine glass resembles that of a long body, a whisky glass is of a particular type and that used for a drink like beer has a characteristic type of its own.

This picture right here depicts that of a perfect beer mug type of glass. Its spotless shape gives it a classic look. The glass is huge and can hold a large volume of liquid. The handle is shaped so wonderfully and gives it a complete look. The mug with a drink on a sparkling white table gives it an appealing look. The liquid in the glass is so clear. Amazing, ever felt a glass can be so beautiful? Take a look at this. It’ll probably get you going gaga. In a single word, Utopian!!!

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