Beauty of a feature wall

Beauty of a feature wall

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When we decorate the interior of our house, we usually don’t give much thought to the walls except for what shade of color they should be painted in. But there is actually a lot of scope to improve and enhance the beauty of the room by doing a bit of work on the wall itself.

Feature walls are those walls which are different from the remaining three sides and feature something eccentric, mindboggling or elegant. Feature walls can be decorated or painted in a different manner. As in this picture, the wall is covered with non-plastered brick wall texture and painted white. Now an analog wall clock with a white dial emphasizes and complements the white color. Similarly, other miscellaneous design can be used to decorate the feature walls. These walls stand out of the room and are eye catchers. They are a new form of accentuating the beauty and the style of our houses.

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