Nostalgia re-defined

Nostalgia re-defined

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The piece of art shown in the picture is one of a kind. All the objects in the scene look wonderful. Also, all of them have a neat and clean wooden finish. The collective wooden color of all the descriptions in the piece of art is glorified to the best possible extent. In simple words, the art just displays and depicts of the wooden finish. Nostalgic because it was a thing in the olden days to sit on a wooden chair with a wooden stool and that was a form of relaxation.

But this improvisation of the wooden color is marvelous. The picture shows a perfectly structured wooden chair and a wooden stool beside it. The slippers are also of the same color. So is the pot of the plant. The scene looks kind of deserted though. But deviating from the scene description, the art is a perfect manifestation of the beauty of a complete wooden finish. Truly Resplendent and Blissful.

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