A vintage combination

A vintage combination

Nov 17 • Miscellaneous Designs • 1317 Views • No Comments on A vintage combination

This image of a wonderfully crafted wooden chair induces a classic nostalgic feeling of the olden days when old men and women used to sit on a chair with a stool by the side and getting lost in thought transition. The wooden element of the chair gives it a pronounced beauty. People of the present day too have not given up the idea of having a wooden chair with a classic wooden stool that matches its defining contrasts thereby adding to its sumptuousness.

Mankind has known of wood from the day he evolved and has utilized it since time without beginning. So, why not improvise on it and give it an opulent appearance. The throw sheet and the cloth on the wooden chair are just too amazing. Hard to describe the art in words. The plant beside the chair, gorgeous! How wonderful!

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