Moroccan Interior on the Cheap

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Moroccan interiors are all about the lavish and the extravagant which also signifies royal. However, it’s not easy managing such a theme for your interior without pressing your bank account.

If you want it badly enough though, there’s always a way to get the look on a budget as well. Just set a limit on your budget, be open to recycling, know your areas that need most attention and you’ll be easily able to bring your Moroccan dream a reality.

Here are more ways to go about it on the cheap:

Choosing Colors

If painting certain rooms and working with color schemes is a part of your plan, there are certain color combinations that you can work with. One of the popular color combinations include pairing of light blue with dark blue. This combination looks best when used in kitchen, washroom or the living room.

Plum purple, olive green and gold together also make for Moroccan royalty. You can also replace olive green with fuchsia and give the Moroccan theme a bit of a modern tint as well.

Kitchen Appliances

The Moroccan interior theme is more about the intricate detailing to every aspect of interior décor. Refrigerators, cooking ranges and pretty much all items of kitchen appliances come in different colors. You can consider affordable appliances with color schemes to work with the Moroccan theme in your kitchen.

Home owners that live in states that aren’t deregulated may have second thoughts about buying new appliances for redecorating, simply because new appliances have new features that use more energy. However, if you’re from a deregulated region like Texas, the PowerToChoose legislation may just allow you to choose a cheaper provider to save on your bill and then you could go for new appliances with a Moroccan theme.

Another low-cost option is to stay with old appliances and tuck them behind screens or wooden slide back covers. This way even if you keep your old appliances, they will not be visible except when you’re using them and so will not hinder your interior décor.

Magnificent Mirrors

To create an otherworldly look in your home, mirrors are always handy. The Moroccan theme thrives on grandeur and what better way to add some to your home than by adding large mirrors with gilded frames.

They will not only give an illusion of more space, but also of glamour. You can also add some mirrors to your washrooms as well and light them up (not in the traditional way though). There’s also an option to add some candles to their sides to add elegance to the washroom as well.


When it comes to furniture, one thing is quite evident that it should be wooden. However, what styles you should go for within wooden furniture is another matter. In case of sofas, chairs and dining room furniture, you can opt for options with detailed carvings that come in floral or geometric patterns.

For bedroom furniture, a good option is to go for beds with huge headboards with floral designs and arches as layers. You can even go with four poster beds with curtains to match your royal colored bedding and together they would complete the Moroccan themed bedroom look.

However, to stick to a budget, either replace furniture one at a time, or for just one room. For the rest, try to change the colors of the sofa covers or cushions, or paint the furniture a different color in order to stay low at expenses and avoid overspending.

Moroccan themed homes than are not so difficult to work up, but require little bit of patience and some imagination. You can always save up from time to time and make additions to add elegance to your home interior.


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