Elegant, comfortable and designer lobbies

Elegant, comfortable and designer lobbies

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The first thing that is seen upon entering an office/hotel is the lobby or the waiting area. Thus the first impression of your place is created in the mind of the client or customer. Thus, the lobbies should be designed to have both, elegance and style.

The lobby should flaunt vibrant colored furniture which clashes with the simpler surrounding shades. The amount of light passing in should be controlled. It should not be high so as to disorient the user nor should it be too low, that it’s impossible for the user to read.

The furniture, instead of wood, should be made up of metal or alloy, as it emanates a professional aura. The use of glass and metal is more than that of wood. The geometry of the lobby is more angular and the sharp contrast should be prominent. The lobby should be designed to look like a treat to the eyes.

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