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Redesigning Your Luxury Home

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A makeover of a luxury home requires a lot of careful planning. Every room in the house can be transformed, as well as the front yard and the back garden. There are several advantages to redesigning a home: firstly, a makeover will give homeowners the feeling that they have bought a brand new house. Secondly, a revamp could massively increase the resale value of the property.

Sometimes renovations can be costly, so it is incredibly important to keep track of what is being spent and where. Use some software like Excel spreadsheets to map the cost of everything. Keeping an eye on the finances will ensure that every room can be completed to satisfaction. There is nothing worse than redecorating half a room and then discovering that there is no more money left in the budget. Read this guide to transforming a luxury home without breaking the bank.

Install A Walk-In Wardrobe

Tired of cramming clothes into wardrobes which are bursting at the seams? A walk-in wardrobe is a perfect solution to this problem. Have walls knocked through to create extra space for a room which will have plenty of room to store clothes, shoes and handbags. Put floor-to-ceiling mirrors on the walls for maximum visibility. A luxury walk-in wardrobe makes getting ready in the morning a treat rather than a chore.

Put Up Blinds For Extra Privacy

Privacy is extremely important for homeowners. One of the best ways to create privacy is to install blinds in Perth which will prevent any prying eyes from looking inside. Blinds come in a range of different materials such as wood and chrome, so people are absolutely spoilt for choice. Why not put up different styles in different places to give each room an extra touch of individuality.

Installing blinds will also prevent strong sunlight from making walls and furniture fade. Some blinds will also act as heat traps which will keep energy bills lower.

Blinds in Perth by Westral add elegance and privacy to any home.

Put Up A Chandelier

Chandeliers are the height of elegance when it comes to renovating a room in a luxury house. The chandelier will reflect sunlight brilliantly during the daytime, and will illuminate the room with light during the night-time. Chandeliers with precious stones such as emeralds in the glass are recommended. Stunning chandeliers will also catch the eye of anyone who happens to pay a visit.

Compare different styles before choosing the final design.

Install A Tennis Court In The Backyard

Tennis is a great game for socialising as well as keeping fit. Instead of spending money on games at the local club, why not install a full-sized court in the backyard? After the tennis court has been installed, arrange friendly games with the neighbours.

Don’t worry if these makeovers seem too expensive, because quality redesigns can be made on any budget.

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