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Simple Tips for Better Home Security

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Whether you’re moving into a fresh new house or are feeling the need to improve the security of your current home, introducing precautionary measures to protect your space is an excellent idea. It’s a great idea to remember that the vast majority of thieves are amateurs and often act impulsively through perceived opportunity. For this reason, security measures that you can introduce into your home don’t have to be expensive – they just have to be enough to thwart the attempts of these amateurs. In this article we take a look at a few ways you can improve the security of your home in ways that are both simple and affordable.

Getting started on home security

Although installing alarm systems in homes is obviously a great start, there are a lot of simple things homeowners can do to better safeguard their homes. A good place to start is spotting weakness in your own home – would it be easy to use an unlocked window or door? Are there any structural weaknesses you know about that would make entry simple for thieves? It can even be something as simple as changing all of the locks when you move into a new house to prevent someone with a previous key gaining unimpeded access. After thinking about these things carefully, you can start exercising simple precautions to help ensure better security. For a start, you can ensure that alarm system wiring isn’t obvious, as obvious wires will be spotted very quickly by those who know what to look for and cut. It’s also highly suggestible to make sure the house looks occupied at all times – it’s not always feasible to leave lights on indefinitely, so timers can be sued to switch lights and radios on to give the impression there are still inhabitants at the house.

More security improvements to consider

Glass doors can be problematic, as they can be smashed and provide an easy access point for intruders, so if you’re moving into a new house that has glass doors, glass panels on these doors should either be fortified, replaced, or secured with deadbolts. Although many doors have them already, a deadbolt prevents easy access – just make sure easily-found spare keys you hide outside the house don’t invalidate it! Another thing useful for dissuading intruders is the humble family dog. The last thing intruders want is attention drawn to them, so even small dogs can be useful in these instances. It’s just important in these cases to not confuse guard dogs with home dogs – guard dogs rarely want to be your friend. Finally, surveying the outside of your property can reveal some interesting details. For a start, any entrances that are particularly dark might benefit from sensor lighting, while any areas with trees are very useful for thieves wanting to conceal themselves.

Safeguarding your home doesn’t have to cost the world Although you might think you need to install CCTV on every corner of your home, there are a lot of things you can do very cheaply that can make your home much less thief friendly. Simple observations and better habits can make your home much safer as a start, with incremental updates to security all you need to help prevent questionable people eyeing off your property as a prime target. A little bit of time and money can save you a lot more of each in the long run!

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