Baby pink bedroom for teen

Baby pink bedroom for teen

Sep 22 • Teen Bedroom Designs • 1853 Views • 1 Comment on Baby pink bedroom for teen

The interior of a bedroom is a symbol of the taste of its owner. The room in the above picture can be recognized as a teenage girl’s bedroom. Theme of the room is white with detailing done in grey and baby pink. These colors especially pink are a very common favorite color for any girl whether she is a teenager or not. The complete room is painted in white including the floor.

The drawers are done in both baby pink and grey color. The room is adequately spaced according to a teenage girl’s requirement. There is a small yet comfortable bed in the corner of the room. This room is an example of modern interior designing that can be seen in the theme and design of the furniture and other stuff kept in the room. All the little details kept in the room are complementing the complete atmosphere of this bedroom.

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  1. naresh says:

    superb sexy very very nice good designs

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