Purple Teen Bedroom Design

Color purple your teen’s safe haven

Oct 16 • Teen Bedroom Designs • 4292 Views • 1 Comment on Color purple your teen’s safe haven

Nothing is very personal, important or inspiring to one teen than own bedroom. It is one safe haven in which your teen can relax all day round and where there is no stress. If teen of yours loves purple color then, incorporate this color into bedroom. Purple color is incredibly versatile and right shades not only spice up your teen’s bedroom, but perhaps their attitude. For providing a better variety, paint bottom half with purple and top half with white.

Place wall border right in center of wall where paint meets for hiding a divide but adding even more distinction to walls. You can provide even one well-loved carpet with area rugs in purple. Choose one large rug that matches well with rest of the room’s decor. Let your teen pick out own bedding in purple. Decor you choose can alter theme of their bedroom from mystical to playful. Your teen might love floating bookshelves in purple for housing figurines and miniatures.

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