Teen Bedroom that Looks Colourful and Stylish

Teen Bedroom that Looks Colourful and Stylish

Oct 14 • Teen Bedroom Designs • 2015 Views • No Comments on Teen Bedroom that Looks Colourful and Stylish

Red is the color that dominates the designing of teen bedrooms these days. The reason is not difficult to understand. Red is one color that not only keeps the teenagers charged and passionate about whatever they do, it also looks inspiring and makes for an exciting ambiance. Mind you, it is not all red as red is used only sparingly in conjunction with white to create this special effect.

While the floor, the walls and the cabinet are all kept white, red color is used in a creative manner on the back shelves, back of the bed, and the small furniture items used inside the room. The center shelf in the white wardrobe is kept red and houses the LCD while there is a red carpet in front of this wardrobe on the floor that has a colorful beanbag to allow the kid to watch TV. See how the back of the bed has been turned into red Mickey Mouse ears.

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