Sober Brown Teen Bedroom

Sober Brown Teen Bedroom

Oct 19 • Teen Bedroom Designs • 2290 Views • No Comments on Sober Brown Teen Bedroom

Pink and blue are one of the traditional colors for kids’ bedroom but here is a bedroom that has an attractive as well as a fresh look. In the above picture the bedroom has a very unique color combination for a teenager’s bedroom. This room has both formal as well as sober appeal.

The walls are painted in a formal cream color which is a perfect match for a brown theme. In this bedroom there is more than one shade of brown color. From light brown on the drawers to the dark brown on the shelf and the cushion stool. The floor is completely covered with a cream carpet. The small room is brightened by the two huge windows. The study table and shelves have enough space to hold all the required stuffs. This teen bedroom is very unique and different from the traditional teen bedrooms done in pink, blue and white.

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