Small teen bedroom with yellow highlights

Small teen bedroom with yellow highlights

Oct 20 • Teen Bedroom Designs • 2205 Views • 1 Comment on Small teen bedroom with yellow highlights

Decorating a teenager’s bedroom is a hectic task but you can make it a little less stressful by taking your teenage son’s or daughter’s opinion and ideas. This can help you in bringing an interesting and different look to your kid’s bedroom. The above bedroom has both the qualities. It is different as well as interesting.

The walls of the bedroom are painted grey which is not a usual color for a kid’s bedroom. However there is a hint of white which is highlighted by a beautiful mango yellow color. This color is adding a very vivid and attractive touch to the bedroom. Not only is the theme of the room but its design is also interesting. There are a couple of stairs followed by a platform that has a bed and a study table and chair. The wardrobe beneath the heighten bed is also one of the elements that kids will love to see in their bedroom.

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  1. fatima says:

    wardrobe idea is fine…..but the study table doesn’t look nice there…. u can give some more width to the cabinet…just touching the window’s left side…………and put the study table to the wall side………..& a shelf on that wall……….& a hanging lamp on it……and a wooden chair to that table………

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