Trendy teen bedroom

Trendy teen bedroom

Oct 26 • Teen Bedroom Designs • 1838 Views • No Comments on Trendy teen bedroom

It is very difficult to handle teenagers and so is deciding the interior for their bedroom. If it is a problem with you too then this particular bedroom might help you in choosing one. What color is better than the classic white itself? White not just only brighten up a small room but also provides a base to other colors of the theme.

The above bedroom as you can see is painted in white from floor to walls while colors like orange, red, cream and brown are also present in little amounts. The beds are kept on a height which is followed by a small staircase that gives the bedroom an interesting and childlike appearance. The red carpet looks really elegant on the white floor. The little tables by both the beds and small shelves are to keep stuffs required by your kid. The small room is brightened by the glass doors behind the white curtains.

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