Apply yellow in furniture of your teen’s bedroom

Apply yellow in furniture of your teen’s bedroom

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Yellow is one versatile color in both bad and good ways. Depending on tone and warmth of yellow, it is able to cast one room in pleasing glow. Yellow can even make your room appear uninteresting. An advantage of color scheme of yellow for your teen’s bedroom is it is able to make room appear brighter and roomier. Most significant thing is yellow is one tone and color, which makes people who use it feel relaxed and comfortable.

Accent your color scheme of yellow with other complementary colors for lively and bright effect such as purple and brown in curtains, pillows, bedspreads and throw rugs. Keeping dark tones lower and light tones higher will create one sense of order and stability in room. Natural wood nicely contrast with one bedroom’s yellow cabinets and shelves. Dark walnut shade bed with nightstands matching with it is good for creating great effect. Keep your ceiling and floor bright white for allowing it reflect light through window and making room brighter.

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