Clearing Blocked Energy with Vastu

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Vastu plays an important role in the life of people and this something that helps people to bring in prosperity in the house. Vastu affects both positive and negative energies and so it is always believed that there should be a constant flow of energy at home. In case, if the flow of energy is negligible, then the energy gets contaminated and gives rise to several problems. According to skip hire durham Never keep open dustbins in kitchen as they bring illness.

Positive energy should always flow inside the home and negative energy should flow out of the home. There should be a perfect circulating of energy around the home, as it helps to maintain stability. Blocked energy within the home or in the surroundings can have adverse affects on the people. Cleaning Blocked energy with Vastu is possible and quite effective. There are few tips that one can follow while cleaning the blocked energy.

  • Taps in bathroom, kitchen or even in the exteriors should not drip, as they allow negative energy to stimulate.
  • Windows in bedroom should be opened once in a day for at least half an hour, as it allows fresh air to flow inside the room. The positive energy also flows with the fresh air and make the environment more comfortable. Any kind of blocked energy also gets released and helps prosperity to rule.
  • Brooms and Mobs are used to remove the trash out of the home, so it is advisable to keep these things away from the eye sight. By doing so, the livelihood inside the home keeps intact.
  • Clear desks influences people to think clearer and also help in increasing the monetary energy. Some people also believe that clear desks enhance the creativity inside the mind.
  • All clocks in home should be in working condition and if any clock is found that has stopped working should be immediately repaired. Slow running or clocks that have stopped working blocks the positive energy and boosts the negative energy in home
  • Dustbins and trash cans should always be covered. People should never use open dustbins or trash cans, as the negative energy born from the garbage inside them can contaminate the positive energy in the house, thereby blocking all the positive vibrations in the environment.
  • Bathroom and toilet are the main source of polluted energy, and so these places must have good ventilation. This will allow fresh air to circulate, bring in positive energy and will drive out all the negative vibrations.
  • One should not keep the shoes scattered, lying outside the main door, as main door is the main source of positive energy. If shoes are kept scattered outside the door, then the positive energy becomes polluted, due to foul smell and dirt. In order to have a good circulation of positive energy, people should keep the space around the main door clean and tidy.
  • While constructing home, people should make sure that they do not construct a toilet above the main entrance, as foul smell from the toilet induces negative energy and hence block the good energy.
  • Beds made directly on the floor should be avoided. Having bed on floor indicates blocking of the energy flow. So, people should always position their beds, one or two feet above the ground, as it allows energies to flow throughout the bedroom keeping away the negative vibrations or any kind of blocked energy.

Positive energy brings good things in life and negative or blocked energy causes various problems making the life stagnant. So, people should live their life to its full and follow the Vastu tips for making their life prosperous.

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