Introduction to Vastu Purush

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Vastu Purush is actually the celestial body that resides with us and is that important phase on which the behavior of a human body is carried out. Vastu Purush is a sanctified body full of positive energy that enhances the life of humans and makes them learn to be optimistic. Creatures always lean down in order to thank the sacred body and honor him with flowers, music, hymns, colors and many other things. Behind the existence of this holy and blessed body, there is a story, which some people even believe as a myth, but in both cases, it is true.

Chronicles of Vastu

Many ages back, there was a devil named Vastu who was very powerful and threatened the creatures. His frightening behavior was making the situation horrendous for the living creatures and so all the gods came together to fight him, but were not able to bring his erroneous deeds to an end. So, in order to impede and stop the devil, gods asked help from Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma successfully defeated the devil, but asked other gods to sit upon him in order to stop his evil activities. This is one reason of the popular saying that that Vastu Purush always lies face down and keeps an eye on everything what we do.

The five elements, air, water, fire, earth and space contribute a lot in enhancing the positive energy which helps people to create a calm environment with more of positive thoughts around. Not just this, the correct placement of these five elements inside a home can facilitate in increasing the financial position of the people residing inside. There are several tips and guidelines that people can follow in order to focus all the positive energies inside their home. Some Vastu experts say that there are two points, cardinal and non-cardinal like north-east and south-west. These points actually decide whether the Vastu Purush is awake or asleep like when being oriented towards non-cardinal points, he is asleep.

Vastu in Living Creatures

Just like the surroundings, Vastu also resides inside every living creature. Living creatures are also made up of the five elements and so Vastu Purush resides inside us, as well. According to some Vastu professional experts, Vastu Purush is oriented towards the sun which helps to enhance the energy inside a living being. When a creature is dormant, the Vastu Purush inside him keeps sleeping and therefore it is believed that any kind of house building activity in this phase should not be carried out.

From past many years, people have believed in Vastu Shastra and Vastu Purush which actually helps them to focus all their constructive energy and convert it into positive results. So, if you also do not believe in Vastu Purush, but are keen enough to be a part of these positive energies, then start considering this sacred body, as it might have been considering you, as well.

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