Vastu for Living Areas

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Vastu is a very important aspect that most of the people overlook, but actually it plays a vital role in focusing all the positive energy inside the house making it a better place to live in. While talking about the interiors, living room is the area where people spend most of their time, have get together, conversations, welcome their guests and do many other things which play a significant role. Usually, people choose the room with extra space for living area and do not bother about the certain directions, which according to Vastu should be considered very carefully. There are various guidelines which should be kept in mind when taking living areas into limelight.

Vastu for Living Areas

According to Vastu Shastra, living areas should always be in the east or north direction. Most of the Vastu experts recommend people to opt for north direction, especially while constructing the home and choosing the right place. As compared to other rooms in the south east direction, the living room must be comparatively bigger and there should be no photograph of Gods hanging above the front doors inside the room. Unlike living rooms, the doors can be positioned in the east or west direction, as they prove to be quite propitious for the people.

While talking of wall colors, majority of people go in for lighter shades, which are good, but vibrant colors like black or red should not be selected. For living areas, white, blue, green or even yellow are preferred as per Vastu Shastra. For televisions, south east corners are preferable and for telephones north or east corners can go well. If people prefer photograph of gods to be placed in the living area, then north east corners are best for this purpose.


While considering the interiors, people should reflect upon different aspects, especially the decorative items. Chandeliers are something that most of the homeowners desire to have in their living areas, but the essential part is that chandeliers should be positioned in the west direction and not completely in the center. For placing stuffed animals, north-west corners are a very good alternative and in case of furniture, simple rectangular or square shaped furniture is the best according to Vastu Shastra. When constructing the house, people can also try not to keep any outlet in the middle of the living area as it allows all the positive energies to move out of the home.

Vastu Experts

Many people find it quite difficult to keep in mind so many guidelines and then follow it while constructing the house. One thing that can prove to be of a great assistance to the people, especially when they are not familiar with Vastu Shastra is the Vastu experts. These professional experts are specialized in updating the interiors, as well as exteriors so that all the good energies get focused and help people to become more prosperous.

For this purpose, people can simply surf the websites, as internet has become a well popular medium which can facilitate people with a solution at every step. By surfing some of the best websites, people can effortlessly choose the best Vastu expert that can help them with expert tips. So, if you also wish the constructive energies to enter your home, make sure you design your living area depending upon the Vastu Shastra and get benefited with optimum outcomes.

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