Vastu Shastra

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Majority of people while constructing a new home or renovating an older one, never forget to consider the most important aspect, that is, Vastu Shastra. Several buildings and apartments that are made available to the people also state that they are 100 % Vastu compliant, which means they have been built as per proper Vastu configurations. However, there are many people in this world who believe that Vastu is not an important aspect and is just a marketing technique used by the administrators, which is not true. Vastu is completely scientific which brings a lot of difference in the life of the people. There are numerous people who do not have an idea about what Vastu is all about and how does it affects the life.

Vastu Shastra

Vastu means “an existing substance” and Shastra means science, so in total, Vastu Shastra is an application of scientific rules applied on any existing substance. The base of Vastu is completely dependent on the sage Mamuni Mayan.

Vastu or Vastu Shastra is nothing, but applying scientific rules while constructing, as per Hindu mythology. It is also known to be as a design system based on directional alignments. As per Hindu belief it is said that every substance on this earth consists of five major elements which are also recognized as “puncha maha bhoota” including air, water, earth, fire and space. All the good and bad energies that are created by these “panch maha bhoota” have a direct impact on the life of individuals. These five elements have designated a special place and direction and when these five elements exist in their respective places as well as directions inside a home, then good and positive energy is created. A slight change of position of these elements can really affect the lives of human beings.

Puncha Maha Bhoota

Earth, also referred as Bhumi: It is the third planet in our solar system with a strong magnetic field around it and incorporates two poles, north and south. The gravitational force and magnetic field of earth plays a very important role on each and every substance, then no matter it is a living or non-living thing.

Water, also referred as Jala:  Water that comprises ¾ of the earth’s surface is a vital element for life. Water on earth is present in various forms like rain, river and even as sea water. It appears in three forms, as liquid in water, ice in snow and steam in clouds with its actual form as gas.

Fire, also referred as Agni: The source of heat and light that accounts day and night is responsible for various seasons which human beings actually revel in.

Air, also referred as Vayu: Air is a vital, life supporting element which is also a comfort of any living being on this earth. Air is directly and very deeply involved with us and is responsible for right temperature, sustaining humidity, air pressure and many other aspects that contribute a lot in life’s wellness. Air is very powerful, both as an element and as a necessity for the individuals.

Space, also referred as Akasha: The space provides a room to all the four elements and constitutes physical, social and cognitive energies. This is one reason that space is considered as the conductor of all energy sources within the universe.

Invisible and constant relation between all these five elements is always present and they keep on affecting our lives. By properly designing the living places along with understanding the total effects of these “punch maha bhoota”, people can always make their place a better place to live in. By keeping in mind, some basic guidelines of Vastu Shastra, people can earn wealth, health, happiness and prosperity.

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