Vastu Tips for Enhancing Wealth

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In the present times, Vastu is the most commonly used term, especially when it comes to purchasing or constructing a new home. People can easily find builders who advertise their property by simply telling that it is constructed as per Vastu and are 100 % Vastu compliant. There are several people who are still not familiar with the concept of Vastu Shastra and are unable to focus positive energy inside their homes.

Introduction to Vastu Shastra

Vastu or Vastu shastra is nothing, but science of construction usually followed in Hindu mythology, but the best part is that being a part of Hindu mythology, most of the people from other religions also believe-in Vastu Shastra. It is also referred to as a system of design which is based on directional alignments. As per Hindu system, it is believed that every creature on this earth consists of five different elements namely Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Space.

All these elements have a designated place and a direction, so people while constructing new homes or renovating their dwellings should see whether all the five elements are in their right place or not so as to bring in happiness, prosperity and peace for the members of the family living in the home. Prosperity, the word itself explains wealth, good standard of living and a higher status in the society which get enhanced automatically after considering Vastu Shastra as an important aspect.

There are various tips and guidelines which people can keep in mind like constructing the main parts of a house at the right place and direction. The main parts of a house includes main or front door, bedroom, windows, kitchen, dining room and toilet to name a few. In order to increase the financial position, this can prove to be of a great facilitation.

Vastu for Main or Front door

Front door is a major part of the home and is the main source for energy flow. There should be no obstacle at the front door and there should be a clean wide open space in front of the door which is actually essential to get good energy inside. The front door needs to be well connected to rest of the home so that all the good energy is invited through this door and it can easily reach every corner of the house.

Vastu for Bedroom

The most important part of a house is the bedroom, as people spend a lot of time in this room, so it is important for the people to carefully reflect upon different aspects in order to focus good energy. The bed inside the room should not touch the walls, the room should not have a slanting floor and the center part should be kept clean.

Vastu for Windows

Unlike doors, windows should be kept open most of the time, as it helps the energy to flow with in the home and all around which actually helps in forming a vital link with the outside environment.

Vastu for Dining Room

Dining room is a place where people have their food and so this room should be clean, away from toilet and main door and most importantly, it should have a calm environment. If the dining areas are not kept clean, then it can allow the negative energy to enter inside.

Vastu for Kitchen

The burner stoves present in the kitchen actually represent wealth and this is the reason that it should always be kept away from the washbasins. In addition to the cleanliness factor, the stove should be in a good working condition.

Vastu for Toilet

Toilet works as an outlet for the negative energy which allows the negative vibes to move out of the home. This is one reason that it should be maintained clean and if it is not kept hygienic, the entire house gets polluted with negative vibes. As said, “Wealth is the syndrome of Water”, so a wrongly designed toilet can drain all the money out of the home.

Vastu Shastra plays a very important role in our lives and it is crucial for the people to design as per the guidelines of Vastu experts in order to have the benefit of prosperity in their life.

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