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Use Epoxy as the Finishing Touch on Your Floor

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Personality and style can be injected into a space while maintaining its functionality and hardiness. When you decorate with epoxy, you can start from the ground up by first tackling your floors. Conversely, you can match your customized epoxy design to your current décor and carry your personality throughout your home or business. Consider why using this floor treatment on your next room makeover is a must.


Epoxy floor products consist of a cured resin that is bonded over concrete. It has a seamless finish that doesn’t peel or come loose. Using epoxy products results in a finish designed to withstand high-traffic areas and the wear and tear that can come from dropped items, spills and exposure to the elements. Unlike other flooring options like tile or laminate, epoxy is relatively low-maintenance, easy to clean and chemically formulated to last.


Garages and industrial facilities are often coated with epoxy because of its durability. The finish can be impenetrable when it comes to harsh liquids such as bleach or coolant. This is because epoxy creates a smooth surface with enough slip to make for effective cleanup. You may want to tackle more projects because cleaning up will be a breeze.

Epoxy floors are also antimicrobial and odor-resistant by nature and can be found as the standard floor in many clinical environments. The resilient quality of epoxy floors allows them to be routinely sanitized without compromising their protective properties.


The glossy floor coating bounces light. This reflective property may boost visibility in professional facilities from automobile showrooms to doctor’s offices. It may also enhance the charm of a home by increasing shine within rooms. An added benefit of epoxy is its ability to be mixed into a wide range of colors, from solid shades to composites that mimic the relaxed, contemporary vibe of a terrazzo floor.

Because a floor helps set the tone of a room, personalization can ensure the floor suits the room’s intention perfectly. You can let your style shine through in any residential or commercial space. The floor no longer needs to be more of an afterthought but can become a complementary design element or even the center of attention.

As a floor finish, epoxy can be as attractive as it is practical. While common in commercial or warehouse settings, it is also a suitable home-flooring option and can offer a surprising modern touch in any room, including the garage.

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