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Where to start when upgrading the look of your home

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It is nice to take an old home, either if you own it, or if you have been living it for several years and upgrade it a little. There are several ways in which you can boost the look of your home and modernise its look. Doing so needs to be a methodical process and you need to think through your priorities and budget. Trying to decide where to start can be tricky but once you do have a good grasp of the two primary items, priorities and budget, you can start mapping out an order of work. Here are some ideas on where to start when upgrading the look of your home.

Doors and windows

A lot of the aesthetic look of your house is in the doors and windows. This can change the lighting, the ambiance and the feel of the house. You can decide whether you want to install wood, and have a natural feel, or install an aluminium or steel windows for a more new-age look. A nice idea to implement is having screen doors Newcastle has several people who can supply, fit and hang these. You can essentially have a feeling of an open door, yet the screen is closed and keeps out the flies, mosquitos and bugs. As an added bonus it also screens out the sun and keeps your house cool.

Tiles and flooring

This is something you might want to do last if you’re doing a lot of work on the house. The reason is that the other work might involve paint and other stuff that can mess on the floor, or tools are dropped which damages the floors. But if you rip up old carpets you can replace them with nice-looking new tiles that have a dramatic effect on the inside of the house. Sometimes when you rip up carpets you discover lovely old wooden floors. Wooden floors require a lot of work fixing up and a fair bit of maintenance, but it could be a lovely touch that you want to keep which makes it worth it.

Walls and ceilings

It is amazing what giving your home walls a new coat of paint can do. And while paint and labour can be expensive, what you get out as an exchange for what you put in for what you get out is well worth the investment. There is always the route of doing it yourself and saving on labour costs, but keep in mind that it is always a much bigger job than you anticipate and if it is a room that you need to use frequently, having it ‘under construction’ is very frustrating. When painting though, you can go as wild or as simple and basic and you want to depend on what you want as the final vibe. Sometimes if you blend plain in with different and interesting, it can work really well and balances each other off. Feature walls were very popular and still work very well. This is when you paint only one wall a different colour to all the other walls.

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