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How to integrate paintings into a Feng Shui optimized house

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Feng Shui Bagua

When integrating art into a feng shui optimized home, one must determine the bagua of that home area. Bagua is translated as “eight areas”. There are two schools of feng shui for optimizing a home, the BTB style or the Classic or traditional bagua. One should not incorporate both. The art placed in a home should be in harmony with the energy of that particular room or area. Whichever bagua is followed, the feng shui principles prevail.

Many wrongly believe that to follow feng shui energy principles oriental designs and art must be used. When a home is optimized for feng shui, the design style does not matter. The energies of feng shui do. In a home, each room has its main activity or energy. After determining the bagua energies and colors of each area the artwork can be placed.


In the bedroom, art should be of a classical, peaceful and romantic nature. If femininity or yin needs to be added to any room, a print, painting or sculpture should be of the graceful, feminine energy. The colors feng shui requires for the room should be observed with art as well. Also, care must be taken not to have sha chi, or sharp angles pointing toward the resting or seating area, or any place family often gathers.

Living room and Family Areas

A living room area should have free energy flow without obstructions, as though water was going to flow through. Incorporating art into décor of the living room is a matter of determining present energy and the end result energies desired. Active and brightly colored art vitalizes the room. Considering the N,S,E and W of the room, place pertinent art work that enhances that area’s energy. This is also true for other family type areas such as family room, dining room and kitchen. One should ensure only good chi and not sha chi is working everywhere in the home. Good health should be represented in the dining room and kitchen, giving happy and healthy energies to everyone who enters.

Bathroom Importance

One of the most important rooms to feng shui optimize is the bathroom, which if left unattended will absolutely leak energy, which is a dissipating event. While not a room for artwork per se, it is a room that can add to the energies of the household. This room’s decor should have such calming and renewing energy it can flow out to the entirety of the home. One should use a beautiful hanging mirror to make a person actually happy to see their reflection. Candles breathing fire and tranquility in equal shares soothe a person during baths. Scents should always be incorporated to foster a clean, subtly peaceful, restful energy. One should think of a spa when selecting energy optimizing décor of the bath.The availability of music to promote the desired energy in the home bath is essential in many feng shui homes.

Front Door Is Most Important Home Feature

The entrance to a home, such as the front door and foyer, should not have a mirror. Instead, the energy of that area should be representative of the feng shui of the home, and it will greet a visitor or family instantly and flow out to the rest of the home. Artwork at the foyer area should represent happiness, togetherness and good health. The colors would be determined by the compass reading of the door and foyer, to keep the energy constant. The front door is considered the most important feng shui area to optimize, as it welcomes you with energies upon arrival and sends you off on your day’s events when leaving.

Correct Chi is Created by Correct Artwork

When selecting artwork, individuals choose what pleases one’s own psyche. In considering art for a home, one must also consider the purpose of the room and the energies needing fostering.The image contained in painting, print or sculpture is important to the energy of the room or area.The color range has an intense and immediate effect on the balance of the room’s feng shui. Consider these two things in addition to the placement of the art within the room’s compass.

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