5 Small Business Ideas to Run from Home

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Being an entrepreneur means you find a way to make money from identifying a need in the market and using your skills to execute your business. Start-ups are notorious for starting in homes, basements and garages – just look at Steve Jobs and the mega empire that Apple has become. Here are five ideas you could investigate when deciding to run a small business from home.

small business ideas to run from home
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Bespoke Bakery

If you are good at baking, you can turn your passion into a money-maker from the comfort of your home. Home baking is a skill that many cannot master, but for those who successfully craft the best looking and tasting pastries, cakes and sweets, they are bound to earn a good living off their craft. Start by baking for friends and family and posting pictures to social media. Once you have got the word out, you can open a small ecommerce website so that people in your area can order, pay and choose to collect or pay for delivery.

Artisanal Coffee Roasting

If you find yourself searching for the perfect cup of coffee or take a keen interest in the art of becoming a barista, or perhaps you currently are one, consider running an intimate artisanal coffee roasting business from your home. Investigate the machinery needed and start off small. Having the correct machinery is essential to your success, so invest in quality products such as those from Honeywell Thermal Solutions for your roasting mechanism, as you will want the best production setup to yield the best product.

Interior Pots for Plants

Interior plants are ever so popular lately as many people try to bring the outdoors in by adding foliage to their spaces. Just as popular are the containers that people place their home plants in as a décor item or focal point. Baskets, pots and hanging containers are a great way to pot indoor plants, and if you can find these products at wholesale price and package them in a great way, you can soon have a thriving home business.


Another great home business idea is to take what you are good at and turn it into a consulting business. Outsourcing your skills such as accounting, marketing, graphic design or tutoring to those who need it can quickly transform into a profitable business. Many businesses prefer outsourcing specific roles as it saves them in costs. Position yourself to speak to the B2B market and you could soon be moving to a bigger space to accommodate your growing business.

All Things Beauty

Hair stylists, make-up artists, nail technicians and beauty therapists are always in demand. Those that operate out of a room in their home can also turn their skill into a viable business. Women especially will be inclined to visit a home-salon as the savings on the services and products are quite attractive. Ensure you dedicate one room to your craft and decorate it tastefully. Also, if you run a client diary efficiently, you are bound to earn a decent income doing what you love.

Once you have identified what type of business you want to run from home, create a business plan and begin working from home. Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and with a little bit of hard work and dedication, you are bound to create a successful business model. All you need to do is start!

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