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5 Reasons Why the Garden Shed Office is Growing in Popularity

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As the business world grows, more people are turning to telecommuting to cut costs and enjoy a more satisfying home life. A rapidly growing trend in Europe is home offices that have headed out to the garden. Here are the top five reasons why the garden shed is growing in popularity.

  1. Separation of work and home life- One of the biggest issues with working in a home office is procrastination. Being at home, it’s hard to walk by the pile of laundry or the honey-do list, and before you know it, the house is clean but your work has been neglected. Having an office in the garden, you leave the distractions behind, without actually leaving the property.
  2. Personalized work environment- Anyone who has spent time in an office cubicle can understand the importance of a personalized work environment. Not only can you customize the outside of a garden shed office, but you can fully customize the inside as well. With the shed being outside of the home, there’s no need to worry about an argument over decor, either.
  3. Cost-effective- While a fully customized shed may not be on the cheap side, it can cost quite a lot less than adding an entire extension to the home or renting an office. However, you can always bank on a good garden-shed office adding at least 5% to the value of the property. Look to places such as The Shed Store for pre-designed garden offices, or decorative garden sheds if looking to design your own interior.
  4. Eco-Friendlier- According to a shed working article published in The Guardian, commuting comprises approximately 98% of an employee’s carbon footprint. It has been estimated that shed-workers use half the electricity and a smaller fraction of the paper than that of their office dwelling counterparts.
  5. The view- Working from your garden shed gives you access to a much better view than an office can provide. Studies show that being in an natural setting actually helps you get a more restful sleep. Other studies done in England and Sweden have shown that those who spend more time in a natural, green setting surrounded by views of foliage feel more refreshed and tend to be less angry, stressed, or depressed.

Working from home not only grants you a better family life, but allows you the opportunity to take it to the garden for a healthier, more cost-effective, eco-friendlier lifestyle. After all, if a garden shed worked for Ronald Dahl, Henry Thoreau, and George Bernard Shaw- what can a garden shed office do for you and your work?

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