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Why You Should Consider the BREEAM Rating When Looking for Office Space

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If you are looking for new office space, there will be many things to consider before making a decision. Location, cost, facilities and amenities are all usually high on most office-hunters’ agendas, but understanding a space’s BREEAM rating should also be given important consideration.


BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology, and it was first introduced in 1990. It is the most widely used system to assess, rate and certify the sustainability of a building. It’s used in more than 60 countries, and over 250,000 buildings currently have BREEAM certification.

How Does a Building Get Assessed?

Independent trained assessors use recognised measures of performance and set these against benchmarks to work out how sustainable a building’s specification, design, construction and use is. The assessment will look at aspects such as the energy and water use of a building and its materials, waste, ecology, management processes, as well as factors such as pollution, transport and the internal environment that contributes towards the health and wellbeing of the workforce.

A building is then rated and certified on a scale of Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent or Outstanding.

What Is BREEAM Used For?

A BREEAM rating is a useful indication of how sustainable a building is. It provides valuable information for anyone involved in the development, management and maintenance of a building, as well as those who are looking to rent or buy office space. If you are seeking office space London Bridge and other central locations may offer many advantages, but the BREEAM rating should never be ignored.

Office space that has achieved a great BREEAM rating can be an added bonus when searching for new space to house your business. Not only does it add credibility to the building, but the use of environmentally friendly measures and sustainable design could contribute towards lowered running costs.

As there is growing pressure on homes and businesses to become more environmentally friendly and seek ways to reduce carbon emissions, knowing that your office space is sustainable can assist in these endeavours.

A high BREEAM rating is also reassuring for employees, who will know that they are working in an environment where the building is not detrimental to their health, wellbeing or performance in the office. This can be an attractive attribute for businesses seeking new staff or when promoting their office space for client meetings, for instance.

Even long before a building has been constructed, the importance of establishing a positive BREEAM rating can provide insights for builders, designers and developers to come up with a low-carbon and low-impact design whilst also minimising energy demands.

How Can You Find Out a Building’s BREEAM Rating?

When looking at office space, always ask if the building has been BREEAM-assessed and what the certification rating is. If a building has not been assessed, then it is still worth finding out as much as possible about aspects such as energy and water use and sustainability, as these will impact on your overheads. You can also search online on the GreenBooklive website to find a list of BREEAM-assessed buildings and their ratings.

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