Renovation Trends: Which Ones Are a Good Idea?

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Not every trend in home renovation is worthwhile. Sometimes, homeowners just like to keep busy fixing what isn’t broken by making changes for their own sake. It’s smart to avoid doing that to ensure your ownership costs don’t become excessive.

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Here are a few renovation trends that are worth considering.

Replace the Driveway

If your driveway has always been a bit of a mess with asphalt that’s seen better days or other material that has gotten torn up, then a driveway replacement should be high on your list.

Depending on what other trending renovations you might be thinking about, there’s a choice of different driveway materials, colors, and finishes to help complete the final aesthetic as part of your new exterior plan. Look out for the combination of concrete with asphalt in the driveway – it’s a real winner right now for a clear, defined appearance.

Flooring is Coming into Focus

With many people staying home for longer, they’re noticing the state of their floors more than they perhaps used to in the past. That upturned tile in the kitchen, a broken wooden flooring panel, and other blemishes might be looking for a solution. In some situations, it’s possible to repair the damage but it probably won’t cosmetically look right.

Instead, you might wish to switch from carpeting to wooden flooring, perhaps with a floor rug or a throw over the sofa to add warmth? This choice continues to be trendy and for new pet owners, far more practical than carpets with pet fur and the occasional unhappy accident that requires cleaning up.

Add a Splash of Paint

Why not take one room at a time and give them a makeover with new paint color? You can air out one room at a time and spread the task over a couple of weeks. It’s a great task to do when you’ve got some extra time available.

Lighter hues are trendy to bounce natural light around the room (or help spread the illumination in rooms that rely more on artificial light). The trendy colors this year are tending to be light pastel shades, accented by the occasional darker hue. Pinks, peaches, light blues (and darker greys and blues) are all coming into popularity this year.

Replace the Bathroom (or Part of It)

Depending on your budget, a full bathroom renovation might not be on the cards. But that doesn’t mean you cannot get creative with picking a bathroom unit that you dislike and wish to replace with something far more your style.

Picking a fashionable bath to replace a tired-looking old one can do wonders. It’s far more inviting to bring in the candles, a little wine, and soak the evening away! Another option is to completely change the stand-up shower to create a cool, clear glass installation for the ultimate in modern chic. Just make sure that any replacement will still fit in with the rest of the bathroom décor. By being selective about which trends to follow, you get what you prefer and not just what the neighbors have fallen in love with. You’ll be much happier that way too.

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