Safety First: Check and Renovate, Before Remodeling an Old Residence

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Remodeling projects are essential at times because boredom can actually make you want to stay at home less! However, redesigns should be left as an after project for an old house or apartment because repairs, checks, and other safety measures take precedence for obvious reasons.

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Check for Lead

If your uncle left you a home that he had lovingly built in the 60s, think twice before moving in, and check for lead in paint and pipes, among other things. Any house built before the eighties should be checked for lead paint before you even move in.

However, things might get particularly dangerous if you have a paint job in mind anytime soon. The undisturbed lead is unlikely to cause too many problems, although the risk is always going to be there. However, when you are chipping away at the old paint full of lead, that’s when it spreads everywhere, and heavy metal toxicity becomes unavoidable.

Given that we cannot exactly see lead in paint or anywhere else, get professional inspections done from a certified lead detection and removal agency first. Never start painting an old house or apartment before getting that check done.

Also, do not forget about the lead pipes, which were also the norm up until the eighties. If they are detected, you will have to spend a small fortune on changing the lead plumbing, but it’s a necessary expense!

Check for Asbestos

Did you know that more than 90,000 people die from asbestos-induced health complications every year? It’s true that a lot of them are factory workers, but exposure to asbestos in one’s own home is far too common in the United States than it should be in 2020. There is active production and usage of this toxic substance in the US, while Canada still mines it. Therefore, there’s a high possibility that the home you are moving into can lead to you or someone else in the family suffering from asbestosis or lung cancer, due to exposure. Check for asbestos and have it removed if found, long before setting foot in your newly acquired old property!

The Electrical Lines

Wiring from the old days could be outdated for your remodeling plans and it could also be ill-suited to carry as much load as a modern home needs the electrical lines to bear regularly. Call in an electrician and have the entire electrical circuitry of your property checked to avoid fire hazards form short-circuits, which is a very common tragedy in old homes across the US. The urge to remodel an old property is usually pretty strong, as it should be. However, from asbestos and lead paint to leaky roofs, old homes usually have a lot of problems that need to be addressed first. Given that they can also be quite expensive, prioritize safety first since you don’t want to run out of budget by doing it the other way around!

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